Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi, well as usual it has been probably two years or close since I have entered anything on my blog. I am not very good at keeping up am I! OH WELL.....
I can't go back as I really do not remember all that has happened over time either but I do remember a bit.
My son and wife and their son Tyler came for a visit last June. It was very nice and went slowly. I tried to show Kristi how to do a simple crochet but instead ended up getting her a beg book on it. Caleb ended up working on his car most of the week and we just visited. Tyler played on the wii. Then I also went out to see and stay with Jenny the very end of July until just before my birthday. It was a wonderful visit! I love the seattle area! I got to see so much more of it this time then when we have gone in the past. Jenny took me to the mountains to see the sohomish(sp) falls. They are taller than Niagra, small but taller. And we went to the space needle, to the worlds biggest yard sale (of which we did not get to spend nearly enough time at) on a ferry ride back from seeing my cousin Shelli (james really) and some other family. Then my friend Mary drove all the way up from northern California to see us too! wow really because it took her something like 20 hours to get there. We then went out to see an antique town!
I did some sewing, crocheting, and I made a purse for Jenny. We ate out, went to walmart, fabric stores, went and watched Eric come in on his ship too! That was really fun and reminded me of when James came in a couple of times. I even made it up the thousand steps to get to the lookout point! ha
Jenny drove me around town, and we even went to what would be to some a drug store (as is pot shop) ha but it was just a funky ole hippie shop that sold stuff. HA HA
OH and we even saw a really funny looking younger (probably not all there) young man walking the town in woman's underwear (over his actual clothes!) and a bike helmet on his head. Not sure what that was all about but figure he is not all there.
Oh and I went on a bay cruise with Mary and jenny and Eric. I liked that too but the narrator could of just shut up and let me watch the scenery. Lets see...oh we went to the aquarium and the shops around on the board walk too. I will have to try to see if I can dig up my mummy pictures from that day and post when I have time.
On my life for now...well work is going well but waiting to see if the district privatizes us for next year. If they do I am not sure I will have work...not sure if I want to reapply or look elsewhere...maybe I will stay home and clean? I have been working for 10 years now. I really love my job but is it worth going to the hassle of going through the interview process, the fingerprinting, and all the new possibilities of what if's again? I wanted to work until Gaelan graduated (that is 3 ears from now) do I go through it all for 3 years? Maybe with a lot of luck and some prayer we will fend this new threat off and I can work for even a couple more years before push comes to shove? That would be so nice. :)
Upcoming events....My sister is visiting the end of april. Cedric is graduating on June 12th...out of school May 28th. Jenny and Eric might be moving to a new apt, getting out, she might be coming home for a bit, or going to kodiak early? it is all up in the air with them and we will not know anything until probably June. Eric has decided though that they will end up in Kodiak, Alaska for school once he is totally out of the service. This is good for them. IT makes me sad :( but I will just have to save some and maybe in time I can visit. :)
oh and Rachel got a job at lowes to help her family out. This is very good. I am glad because she really does like to work. It will get her some time out of the house. Just hope she doesn't tire out too much. It is weekends and holidays so I think she will fair ok.
Guess I am thinking of more and more...Michael and Tina got married last Sept too! we were able to go to the wedding. Got to grab some photos. I think I will end here today and when I get home make up some individual spot lights on the blog. WISH ME LUCK! HA

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HI all, well it has been awhile again but that is how it goes. School has started so back to work (but it was welcomed) and back to the routine. I think I might try to do a family christmas letter this year but still contemplating on that. I will be posting some back dated pictures in a few days and I have a couple of thimble pictures for eric too.
I can't say at this point that this year has been better than the last couple but a couple of very good things have happened. One Caleb's marriage to Kristi was super nice and got us not one but two trips across country and Second I got to meet my Jenny's husband too! Both super great things. On the down side Ian had to have knee surgery, and James had to have hand surgery and things keep breaking and kids keep griping. But such is life. I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday season though and do you wonder why? Well for the first time ever (I think?) I am 95% done with christmas shopping and it is only the 1st day of DEC! WHOO HOO!...I do have a few small things like stocking candies to get and I have to wrap and send 3 packages but the shopping part is practically done. I say this because I can't buy James a single thing until the last week because he seems to sniff out what you get and will go out and buy it the day after you do! BOO HOO! so I wait.
I hope all of you had a nice thanksgiving. One of these years I am going to get to watch the parade and do things like the other people living here and not be stuck in the kitchen too for most of the day. YEAH right like that will really happen. Maybe in another 10 years James and I can make reservations and go out to eat like my sister did this year.
It's late here and morning comes too early most days so too ta loo for now. PICTURES NEXT I PROMISE!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The cat came back the very next day, the cat came back...we thought she was a goner but the cat came back! She is now sunning herself on the front walk. Next time I will get the cat carrier.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it just me or what?

Ok, I have been looking at other people's blogs other people's facebook pictures, my space pictures just whatever I happen to see from my friends sites and well they all look like normal people. Now maybe you think this is a funny comment but it just seems that they all look right, as in their heads are the right shape, clothes look good, their expressions are normal etc...still a funny comment you think? well.....when I look at any pictures I am in I look like something the cat drugged in from outer space or something. My head is at an odd angle, I have what 32 chins it seems all the time and, my face says stupid lives here. OH I could just go on and on. I realized quite a few years back that I never felt like I had the right to feel anything. That other people did but for some reason I did not get that right too. Well I have been correcting my feelings over time (and it is a hard thing to do) and I have been trying hard but still have this hard issue with pictures. I know I am fluffy but I want to look like I at least have a few brain cells up there when it comes to smile time. I do have a couple pictures I have found I like but mostly they all come across as alien living here. Oh know I have even tried posing in front of a mirror to know how my face goes so I can feel the good smile or intelligent look. BUT as of yet it isn't working. Rachel looks good, Jenny looks good and even Caleb has his style down already. Any suggestions?

Bonnies vet appt

Well we had a vet appt today or so I thought we would. Gaelan went out and picked up Bonnie from the front walkway and brought her in and we gathered everyone else up. Well he wouldn't go out and look in the garage for the cat carrier and being Gaelan just wanted to argue so I said fine just hold her then. So in the car we went. Cedric was going to drive. Gaelan let the cat down, Cedric had his door open, OUT WENT THE CAT!@ now she didn't just get out of the car and go back to the walkway she RAN OFF! Gaelan went after, Cedric went after. She laid down on the driveway of the mean Korean next door but as soon as either one of them came near she shot off again into his back yard. Tried to come over his fence on the other side but saw Gaelan and took off again. SOOOOOOOOOO had to cancel the vet appt. When we came home from our other errands there is still no Bonnie. Not sure if she will resurface but if she doesn't then it will be her loss. Silly cat. She knew we were taking her somewhere.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pretty Jenny/Eric and little Thierry

Here are some pictures that I took of Jenny with hubby Eric at Caleb's wedding. Isn't she just lovely! And Well Eric looked handsome too. But my baby is so pretty!

More pictures

Oh I forgot to mention that Ian was Caleb's best man and that Chris and Jenny and Eric also flew in for the festivities. I was also able to meet Eric! This was very special for me. I love that Eric was able to join our family and attend the wedding. He is a very nice young man and I can see why Jenny adores him. Here are some more wedding pictures.