Thursday, May 29, 2008

getting close to the end

Well hello again. It is now close to the end of the school year. Ian will be graduating and Jenny is out of the navy. Yes life does change and gives you a few bumps in the road. The two bumps here recently though are good bumps. I am elated that Ian is graduating and I am elated actually that Jenny is home and out of the Navy. She has alot of planning to do though to get to Everett in a few months to be with Eric when he returns from his deployment.
Then on the home front my back yard is actually getting redone. Patio, clothes line repositioned and sod being laid. I really think it will bring alot of calm when you look out the back.
I have been stressed alot and my performance at work shows it. I forget to do things and then do too much of other things. Well maybe it is not that bad but I pride myself in being on top of my assigned duties for the week and I have been less than on top of what I am suppose to do. I think the stress of jenny, Ian graduating and then thoughts of my oldests family moving too far away to visit has really saddened me alot. I ache too and have probably more on my plate then I need right now. I know it will even out and vacation is just a week away so I will muddle on. I am taking a break and a day off tomorrow. I think this will really help me just decompress some. Maybe jenny and I will go to walmart. Funny but walking around looking at things really does help especially when you have not been able too for well since she was here at christmas time. I hate going to the stores alone and I can't really enjoy myself when James comes as I feel like he objects to the things I throw into the basket. This too though will pass. I have also been reading my sisters blog alot. Not sure if this has any bearing on my moods but it may have.