Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got a new position at work. I am now the kitchen Manager of Beechview Elementary. SO far the work is going good and I am not having really any issues. I over ordered the milk for today but that is not a biggie. It sure keeps me moving but then my other job at Warner middle school did too. I am still hot and tired when I get home but not so wet and sweaty.
Maybe I can get the custodian to take a picture of me in the kitchen and if I can then I will post ME!
I am happy for now and hope that this new change works out good.
On the downside Rachel and Chris had their car stolen for their driveway on Sunday night. We are now waiting to see if it turns up. This is the second time for them with this car. With any luck they will get it back without too much damage. At least Rachel had taken the baby seat out and she had the registration too just by chance so that was good for the police report. IF ANYONE out there sees a gold dodge intrepid with Michigan plates driving around in your neighborhood LET US KNOW. SO any good wishes and prayers for a safe return of their only transportation would be appreciated.
Jenny is out helping them with the use of her car this week and we have started on getting a new engine for the old sable so that they can use that in a week or so just in case. Otherwise I guess Cedric will get a car for next year when he embarks on his driving career. Thank goodness for men that can exchange engines!
I also spent the night with mom again last night. I think she is doing better today but will try to spend a bit more time with her again tomorrow. Thursday night is my new season night so I want to be home for that. She is walking on and off the cane but still slow. I hope all goes well over the next few weeks and that she will be up and on her own a whole lot more by her 6 week check. I know she is itching to be out and about more.
Guess that is all the news for now. Wish I had a picture or two. Maybe I will take one of mom too! won't that be a hoot! oh and I got baby to eat too.