Sunday, April 19, 2009

James left to go to San Antonio to help Caleb find a home....which he did! I am so happy for him. Now the wait to see if the sellers will accept his offer. He found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. 2 car garage. The kitchen is nice with counter space (something I would die for) and what I would call a huge walk in pantry off of it. The site did not show bedrooms but there were two pictures of the both baths and both baths have tubs too. James says a lot of scrubbing and some updates and he will have a very nice home. He is not far from work either and the church is also practically just around the corner. Now he may choose to go to the YSA ward still but even that building is not what I would call too far, although twice the distance. Caleb and James called and talked me through some of his other looks and then let me help them make the decision on the final two. It was almost like being there. Today they say they are going to see the Alamo and then off to the river walk. I hope both have a good sight seeing day and have a good flight home tomorrow. Ian leaves on may 6th to fly to Las Vegas to help Caleb move. Caleb hopes to close on his new home with a month. GOOD LUCK! now to plan the trip there to see his new baby.....hummm..
On my end I have spent so far two days cleanning my kitchen! Yes two days and I am still not close enough to done. I thought it was pretty clean but I was wrong. There was dirt behind the freezer stuck on the wall of all things, dirt up higher on the wall border too. UG! I got cedric though to scale the heights and clean for me. I then decided that he needed to stay up high and clear off the tops of the cabinets and clean. Then I scrubbed the cupboards inside and out. Pulled the drawers out and reorganized and cleaned them too. Scrubbed Refrigerator and Freezer...rearranged the other cupboards by the door too. And decided to toss about half my cookbooks. Well giving to Rachel and Jenny anyway. I use what I use anymore and haven't even looked into what I am opting to give away for years. Trying to put things that I do use where I can get them easily too. Like I said I would die for the kitchen I see online that Caleb is hopeing to get. I guess coveting is not a good quality here but after 9 kids and never ever having any real kitchen space seeing my 28 year old son (not married son) (no kids son) getting a workable kitchen well...grrrr... ha. No really I am happy for him but sometimes.....grrrr.
Anyway today I have to finish up with clearing the table of the extra things. I did go out and buy two ceramic jars to hold my spatulas and serving spoons. I was previously using these old tin can holders, not the best but all I had. I might have to go and get another one but I did manage to talk myself out of keeping several items I had two or more of. SO hopefully I will be done today and can get my floors done too.
It is so nice to clean and see the results for a day too. Now with any luck I will get to keep this cleaning bug for a few weeks so I can divide and conquer more of my house. The only real question is "Will I go into labor now?" Haven't had this strong of a desire to clean since my last water broke some 12 almost 13 years ago! I have had little to no real drive for housecleaning for years. IT sure hit me yesterday though. SO if nothing else the kitchen reaped the reward and I won't even have to set up the crib after! ha
I am on count down for work too. Now I love going to work 99% of the time but for some reason I just want to stay home right now and get things done around here. WHY?
Maybe my cleaning bug is stronger than I think? And my painting itch is creeping up on me too as once something has been cleaned I start dreaming of colors! OH NO!
I will keep you all posted.