Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One more thing

Today is James and my meeting anniversary! yes we met 37 years ago in squaw Valley California. Sorry but I have no pictures from that time frame and I do not have anything from today to show but it was this date. Tomorrow we are going to the ZooRomance night. IT is for adults only and should be very calming and enjoyable with out kids.
Maybe I will take my camera and see if I can get someone to snap a picture of the two of us?

Just some added extras

I realized after looking at my blog that I had forgotten to really put any pictures in of Peter or Paul I think. So here are what I shot. I did not get alot because like I said my camera kept acting up. I am hopeing to get a new camera before I go back.


My grandmother Ann Reel

I also went to Terre Haute

Took my mom to Terre Haute in June. Visited with my grandmother who is 97. I love my grandmother. I wish I could do more for her but we are too far away. I am also posting a picture of the house that we as a family lived in before we moved to California in 1964 and a couple others of my aunt and uncle Joyce and john Bailey and my mother. LOVE YOU ALL!

More Pictures

Here are more pictures of the trip.


Then we were off to Edmond and the grandkids! We had a nice visit there too. Thanks to Darci we ate well too. It was super hot there also and where we have had hotter thanks to years of living in California with only a swamp cooler we have now been living here in Michigan where it is far less hot (actually pretty cold year round) so we are not used to how the heat can drain you. James was busy doing honey do projects for alex and I went shopping with darci, checked emails and tried to help out with odd chores. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our trip. We are going to be lucky enough to go back in august (if only for a couple of sleep over nights) so I will be sure to snap more pictures then and they will also be at calebs wedding so I will get more there too as I try to get as many photo shots as possible. I will also see if I can be in a few too but well you know, not being photogenic I try to avoid that as much as I can but I promise a few.

OOPS! I forgot these too.
The last picture is of a old miners cabin that was found up the stream there somewhere and a real still for making moon shine! The old miner is a stuffed copy of how the miner might of looked though! DUH! like you did not know. HA


Here are a few more pictures of the caves. My camera always seems to act up once I am somewhere but I did get a few. I hope you enjoy and if you are ever in Stanton MO you need to stop in and see the cave for yourself.

Back home again

HI ALL! well we are back from our visit to Oklahoma. IT went great! we stopped on our way there to see the meramec caves too. I loved the cave! It was wet and cool and other than a small area where I had to climb 58 steps it was really nice. We stayed at the motel there too. IT was like going back to the 60's maybe with that motel. With this I mean no frills. No iron, no hair dryer, no TV, just two beds and a toilet. Hey the tub was a mini size too! Just enough to wash a baby up in good. But it was cheap and clean and super close to the cave. We ate in the restaurant there for dinner the first night but opted out of breakfast for a later brunch. We had yogurts and string cheese and some rolls left and I felt that we should eat the stuff up.