Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pretty Jenny/Eric and little Thierry

Here are some pictures that I took of Jenny with hubby Eric at Caleb's wedding. Isn't she just lovely! And Well Eric looked handsome too. But my baby is so pretty!

More pictures

Oh I forgot to mention that Ian was Caleb's best man and that Chris and Jenny and Eric also flew in for the festivities. I was also able to meet Eric! This was very special for me. I love that Eric was able to join our family and attend the wedding. He is a very nice young man and I can see why Jenny adores him. Here are some more wedding pictures.

More pictures

Caleb's wedding

James and I, Gaelan,Rachel and Amandine and Thierry just got back from attending Caleb's wedding. We drove! It was a pretty good trip even with my ankles and feet swelling and my bottom going numb once! ha Thierry was good as were the rest. We stayed at the comfort suite in Rolla, Missouri both coming and going. It was a very nice hotel. It is a smoke free and green friendly hotel. Just in case anyone out there wants to stay somewhere like that. They had a full breakfast too plus a pool and hot tub and exercise area. I did not take advantage of the pool and such but James and everyone else did. The beds were comfy too!
We were also able to visit if only for a few hours really with Alex and Darci and the kids again. I love seeing the grandkids. They are always full of mischief and fun. They also came to the wedding along with our friends JJ and his wife Terri, and caleb's cousin (my niece) Amanda Ottley. I think Caleb's wedding was really nice and we all feel in love with Kristi and her son Tyler. Caleb and him get along really well and he actually kinda looks like caleb...well everyone says in the ears. I think some of that is because they both had shaved heads that showed off their ears. HA
So anyway here are some pictures from the wedding. We are promised a disk of pictures from the photographer in time so I am hopeing for a few more of the ones that I tried on, Rachel tried on that did not come out so great. ENJOY!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to Church in the branch

Today James and I, Gaelan and Ryan went attended the Detroit River Branch to see a friends daughter on her return from her mission and hear her talk. She went to Romania for her mission. Anyway the branch was a Spanish speaking branch so we got to wear the headphones and all. (just a side note) but I LOVED IT! One the building is nice and it has windows. Second it was smaller by a long shot than our ward (even with the lack of people when they all move out over the summer) but mainly because I enjoyed listening I think to the Spanish off and on (when my headphones were not on my head) trying to figure out what they were saying. I am happy to say that I actually understood about every 3rd word and could kinda make out to some degree what was being said (that is when they said simple sentences) I also felt comfortable even though I really did not know anyone. This may of been their excitement of having anyone new there? But anyway it was a nice Sunday. Just thought I would tell everyone.