Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well from my last short blog I expect that anyone reading this will think that I do not like the fact that my daughter is engaged. This is not the case. I know sometimes that you have to jump feet first into something or it passes you by and if she feels that Eric is the "ONE" then I am very happy for her, but, can I be cautious....I think that some of my wanting to be cautious comes from my 4th child who up and married a girl and then she ended up leaving him about 2 months later. It took just about a year to get the divorce finalized. I do not know what possessed him. Then I have another son #2 who was married for just over 3 years and is now divorced too. This one has produced a grandchild. The relationship has caused for hard feelings with myself to my exdaughter in law. Mainly because she is lazy and will not even try to support herself or her daugther but instead is laying around the mans apt that broke my son and her up. Well not totally broke them up but had a big hand in it.SO I worry that Jenny is jumping feet first into something too soon. They say a June wedding is what they are looking at. This makes me feel better because if they get to that point it will be a bit over 6 months of dealing with each other and planning. I also suppose I am apprehensive about a marriage at this point because both are in the US NAVY. This may pose a difficult experience for them when the time comes to be separated. And then the final reason (which has no bearing on her) I really wanted to have an adventure when I was young but was talked out of several things just because I was a girl...or shouldn't because it was not something a good girl would do...or a mormon girl would do...or it was a boy thing to do and I would look like I was one of those girls....She went into the Navy to have some fun, experience life and do some traveling. A once in a lifetime before she gets too old to do things before kids experience. Maybe she went to find a man?
Well If Jenny and Eric do get married I wish them happiness. This is all I really want for my kids. Whatever life throws at them to at least of had a hand at being able to say it may not be your thing but I am happy. IT is what I really want. SO for all my misgivings I wish her well. I wish her love and I wish her happiness. I LOVE YOU JENNY>

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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The past few weeks have again been a bit surprising. First my daughter called from san diego with news of her engagement. We were shocked actually but she is engaged. I think that we will just sit on this news for now. His name is Eric. I do not have anything bad to say but will still just sit on it.