Tuesday, May 26, 2009

last few days

Hi, well I am down to 12 days left of work! I am trying to get the snacks to go...and check out all the other things that have to be cleaned or stored at the close of day on the 11th. Luckily the cleaning does not have to be super as the dust and all will come over the summer. So just wipeing things down and making sure there is no real icky spots I have missed. Although just between you guys and me my kitchen has no real ICKY spots ever!
I am looking forward to the summer. Sewing a bunch! I hope. Visiting with Alex and his family in July. I HOPE! and maybe getting more things done around this house. YES Cleaning a lot! and doing up some picture albums and did I Mention sewing?! HA
James and they boys have had a cough and sore throat now for about a week. Cedric is home today as is Gaelan. Both are doing better but Cedric is more down than Gaelan. Thierry has had a snotty nose for a good week too and so have the hardies in general. Ryan too keeps showing up with a snoot full of different colored snot! YUCK! but with any luck I have not yet showed up with anything. Maybe all the hot kitchen air pushing anything out of me? or maybe all the bleach I get to work in keeping my hands sanitized but whatever I am happy I have not showed up sick.
Chris's grandmother also died on May 18th and over the weekend I took mom and went to the graveside burial service. She had bypass surgery in Nov of 08 and then hip surgery just this past April so she was having a hard time healing I think. Chris's mom Dawn is down but Chris is doing ok. I sure hope that Dawn feels better soon. Her Dad died last year just after Thierry was born so she has had a hard full year plus.
I guess this is all for now. No new pictures but maybe some of our outings this summer.