Friday, January 2, 2009


Hi everyone, well as usual the holiday has brought us some good colds and stuffed up heads and such. Gaelan went to spend the night at one of his friends and ended up coming home within an hour because he was throwing up! ug...once here he was fine but he went straight to bed. I have had this sinus infection or cold or whatever now since last monday and it keeps getting better then worse then better then worse. My head hurts from it and between taking drugs to stop the running I am also taking drugs to unclog. HA
At least everyone but me seems to be doing good today. Gaelan and Cedric have a progressive dinner to go to for Mutual tonight. They are going to start the evening off with bowling and then go to three different homes for a dvd presentation for the new mutual theme and food. We will pick them up around 9pm at the bishops. Both seem interested in going which is so totally not the case around here usually. Most of the time the activity seems to be of interest to only one age group. I just hope that Gaelan doesn't start throwing up because he eats too much!
This then reminded me that I have to schedule them a physical this year and eye appointments. Something that I just hate doing but I will wait until the weather is good so we are looking at april. Nothing is worse then trying to take a kid to a non emergency doctors appt in 7 degree weather or worse a snow storm. So I will call around the first of march to schedule something for spring break. I even put it on my calendar this time. This is actually my one and only new years resolution this year. To put appt dates or to remind myself by putting things on the calender so that I remember to do things in a better time frame. I also need to schedule something for Ian seeing how he will be 19 the end of april. Just in case and I probably should try to get him in during winter break in February in case we have to take him for an appt on something. I doubt we will but? He is now old enough to go to a non pediatric doctor too. It seems silly that a big ole 6 foot boy at 190lbs goes to a pediatric doctor but I am told it is actually pretty normal until they are 19. So I will call and double check. Make sure all shots are up to date and that I am back on track for people. Although I figure I am anyway. These younger kids just have not been sick like my first family of 4 was and so not having to take kids to the doctor for things over the years makes you forget about the regular appts that are needed. Of course once they hit school there are not many that are really needed anyway but Gaelan is 12 now and I know I need tetnus for the kids and maybe the second mmr booster for gaelan.
Now I have rambled too much. But this is what I do. I hope that 2009 is a good year. I have felt like the past two years have been nothing but trouble. So if we can have a good year this year it would be one of the best presents ever. I suppose it is not starting out too bad if you discount the sickness and I will becasue that is just the way it is with the weather and being cooped up without good air flow to stay warm.
Hope you all have a good year too. HAPPY 2009!