Friday, July 25, 2008


Well just to update today, Micki died. I got a call around 10:38 this morning from amanda. Not sure what the plans are but I expect a memorial service early next week at her familys property by houghton lake. She will be cremated. Took Ryan out with Eli and we found her a nice skort and top with shoes. Then went to mcdonalds for lunch. Slow day really otherwise.

Monday, July 21, 2008

loosing friends

Went over to see my friend Micki today. She is dying from cancer. The same exact cancer killed her son when he was 26 or so. This was only around 7 years ago. Now she is also on her last leg. They really do not know how long she will be around. I guess the doctor told her husband 40 days or so 53 days ago. This is a good sign but in reality there is nothing they can do for her anymore but make her comfortable. She is on morphine and other drugs. She does not look like herself anymore either, unless she smiles and when she smiles she shines through.
We share a granddaughter (my Ryan) she says that I will have to always hug her twice now. Once for me and once for her. All she ever wanted was several grandkids. She finally got little ryan just 3 3/4 years ago. She has been the light of her life. We are not sure if she will get to see Ryans 4th birthday this year on sept 5th. John (her husband) is hopeing that she will and then he says God needs to take her before her pain gets worse. I think he is tired too and as much as he wants her here, he wants her out of pain. She is 45.
I wish though that I could really do something for her but all I could do was visit for a bit, get her to smile some on some memories and rub her bruised ankle.
I pray that she goes easily when the time comes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Went to church with mom today. Well Relief Society. Mom does not go to church for more than this part of sunday. Sometimes I go with her just because I know it will only be an hour as I get tired of the same old stuff in my ward, other times I go because I want to be there with mom. Today I wanted to go and be with mom. There was not many people at church as here in michigan families especially the female side of families like to migrate back to their families in utah alot so that leaves very little left. Moms ward is no exception it seems. Anway I went with her today and sat in my usual space as she played the prelude music for Relief Society. I closed my eyes and just listened to her. She plays well. I have always wanted to play the piano but just can't seem to make my fingers work. I do not have a full octive span on my fingers so it makes it hard to spread and reach the notes. Anyway I just sat and listened. I know I will miss her playing one day. Today was one of those moments that I think will be forever engranded in my book of memories. One that I will draw up and relive when I am old and she is gone. I drifted in an out a bit and totally forgot that I was sitting in RS, it felt like she was playing the music just for me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Had a nice 4th of july. Rachel and family came over. Amandine went on the bike ride behind the fire engine too. It was kinda funny as we watched the fire engine come, kids behind it go by but no amandine. So we figured that she followed the other one on the short route instead of the long she comes way at the end of the street with her daddy by her side. AWWWW is all I thought and then we started laughing. It wasn't a real funny moment but one of those too cute moments that you just had to laugh about. Rachel, Jenny and I along with Thierry waited out front and cheered her on as they passed us by. Chris and Amandine then went on back up to the pool where the fire engine preceeded to get everyone wet. Later on Chris took amandine and gaelan back up to the pool for a swim. Thierry and I feel asleep on the chair around 1 and slept for a couple of hours. Rachel and Jenny went to the mall. We had barbecued pork ribs, and brats along with beans, corn on the cob and veggies. YUMMM! Had fireworks after (which was very nice, but long) the neighbors up the street had the illegal sky ones so we got to see some of them too and sometimes ours would end just as they would shoot off one of theirs so it was a nice combination of fireworks. After the Hardies (all but amandine) left for home and we came in and close the day off.
Amandine is spending the week with us. So far we have watched tv, played with playdoh, gone swimming, gone to church, helped around the house, taken care of feeding all the animals. We are going to go and see the movie Kitt Kingdreth (sp) tomorrow and will hit up Kohls today for shoes for uncle gaelan and polo shirts for the boys so that they have a shirt for the group picture on the 19th. I hope the picture turns out great!
Nothing really planned for this week other than going through my sewing area, playing with amandine and getting a few errands done.
On the lighter side, Peter called me last week. It was so cute, he said Hi Grandma...I said hi...he said don't talk too loud. I said "why not? He said.."Cause I am in the closet" I laughed and Laughed! Later on he called me to tell me that he knew how to climb his new fence at his new house. What a character! I love my peter!...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hi, thought I would update a bit since my last post. My computer is down so I am having to rely on Jennys for now. I hope mine will be worked on soon as that is where my pictures are. Anyway July 4th is tomorrow, have fireworks ready, barbecue ready, and food purchased. Going to do pork ribs, baked beans, corn on cob, potato salad, chips, cake and fago pop. YUM!
Rachel and family will be here but mw will be with friends. I am not sure on Eli either but the rest of the gang will at least surface for the food.
The sub always has the fire engine show up and the kids follow it around on bikes and scooters and such and then the fire engine hoses them down. This Year amandine is old enough to participate so I hope her folks get her out here in time. I will take some pictures and post when I can. I expect people will go to the pool too and I am also sure that Chris will find a sport to watch on the tube.
Gaelan's birthday is also this month (12 years old!) and he has decided that he wants something each week instead of one activity on his birthday. So I said yes...hey baby you know! anyway so this week is fireworks and we saw the movie Wall-EE. Next week I expect will be lazer tag and then we have putt putt and race cars, more movies, maybe a trip to marvelous marvins or something like that too. He gets to pick so it will be interesting to see what he comes up with. Originally he was going to ask a friend for each week but his friends seem to be out of town this month so it may end up being a mommy and son weekly outing or maybe cedric will join us or jenny too. We shall have to wait and see. James also has a birthday this month and Rachel the day after Gaelan's. Of course most of ours come in clumps so a week plus later is cedric's, then mine, then amandines, then Eli's the very next day, ryans 4 days later, solennes two weeks later, and finally chris before we get a months break. Then back into the month of November with Darci, Eric (nov 5th) Alex, our anniversary and the caleb, shortly after his is the twins the first of december. All the holidays thrown in and you have guessed it! a very busy end of the year!
I of course can never really figure out what to do on presents anymore for anyone. Not sure if adult kids really should get much more than a card and a token. Still want to do so much cause they are my babies but know that with all the added spouses, and grandkids that I have to cut something out. I know I will figure it all out though. For now bye though