Friday, June 20, 2008

Graduation time once again

Ian with his mommy and Daddy
Ian Attacking his cake! (as always I have to get a few sideways and now I can't figure out how to undo it)

The grad group and Ian with his diploma

Ian with Ryan, Thierry and Amandine. Ian with Pua (his girlfriend)

Ian with diploma (sideways again)
Caleb with Thierry

Well here we are with yet another proud moment in time! Our number 7 child Ian has graduation from High School. I really enjoyed his graduation, he is such a cute patootie too. Dimples and just an all around fun person. SO enjoy the pictures!


Today doesn't seem to be a friday to me. James is home working on the back patio with Eli. So men under foot. I thought I was going to get right into doing things but I have been slow. Mom came by and we read through her surgery paperwork. Rachel called and we talked a bit while she was out at the park with Natallie. I really like Natallie.She is Chris's sister and she shares her kids with me,and is very kind in and easy going. She lets me be another grandma with her and her family. I enjoy seeing her kids as much as my own grandkids. Probably helps alot that they are here and most of mine are elsewhere too. They are all so cute, sofia, grayson and scarlett.

Here is a picture of my Jenny and her Eric. Found I had it on the desktop so will not have to search for one. Not sure who has really seen a picture of Eric yet. I do not have alot but will find more as I go through things and see about posting another one later on. He is stationed on the USS Shoup. He is an STG, that means sonar tech. He should be back in Everett mid October. She is hopeing that she will be settled there a week or so before he gets in. James will go with her and also spend some time visiting with his cousin Shelli and his aunts I expect.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hi, Well I went and took my test! I am thrilled because it seemed so easy. I only had to skip over 4 questions and then go back to them at the end. This is great so I really feel that if I miss any of the questions it will be those 4. We had 90 questions of which 10 were future test questions and so will be thrown out. If any of the 4 I questioned are them they will be thrown out and so will not count towards my total score. Of the 80 left I only have to get 60 correct. This I believe was an easy thing to do. I took the test, went back and reviewed and answered the 4 I skipped and then reread each and every question and reanswered it in my head and checked my marked answer. Then checked to make sure all bubbles for each line were filled in. Turned in the exam and came home. I will know in ten days my score. I an check online. If I pass (and I really should) I will get an extra 100.00 in my paycheck in the fall. Plus I get paid for the time learning and taking the test. I will have to recertify in 5 years. By then I will know if I am going to keep working too.
SO tonight we are going out to eat and then going to go and see a movie. A bit of a precelebration but something needed. I have been having a big headache over all the studying. Now I can start my vacation, clean, sew, and get rooms straight.

Here is my daughter Rachel with her new baby Thierry. He was born on March 20th, 2008. Born on his uncle Michael's birthday. He is a sweet boy and Rachel and her husband Chris are excited and very pleased that he has joined their family.
I am happy too, this one I get to hold and spoil.

Here is a picture of my newest grandson too. His name is Samuel Howard Smith. He was 9lbs at birth. Haven't been able to see him yet but soon I hope. He looks like his sister Solenne to me but with a different nose. I guess time will tell on how the face goes. I am told he is a good baby so far too.
HI, well now this is so much better. Here is the picture of alex and Darci and new son Samuel. The story is below. He is standing at Saint Louis University just after his graduation. May 14th, 2008. What a proud smile! What a proud mom I am. He has really done well for himself.
I love you Alex.
Hi, thought I would show off my baby. Alex graduated this may with his PHD. He has worked really hard to accomplish this. Lets see started in ernest after 1997 so has taken I guess just over 10 years. Went from really only a year from American River when we moved here in 1994, to mission for two years, to marriage and kids (now 5) to his phd. He has a job teaching in Oklahoma City now. His whole family is so excited and I am sure he is too. Being able to make some roots, get into a schedule of no taking of classes for now anyway and just setting up his lessons will be enough.
His dad and I are really hopeing that we can visit no later than next summer. By then they will be comfortable and will have gotten things done around the house. This year will be taken up with helping Jenny it looks like. But they are only a two day drive away if we stop half way for a motel. Saint Louis is 10 hours and then another 8 to Oklahoma City. I expect if the plane fare is as high as it is we will try to drive at least once as long as Gas prices are about what they are now. But time will tell on what we can do.
Anyway I am very proud of him and what he has done with his life in his education. I am very proud of him anyway. He has been a good son.