Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a quick update...My mom is going in for her hip surgery this friday. I expect I will be at the hospital all day. She is hopeing to be home on sunday but they said maybe monday. I think this is a fast turn around but I suppose it is doable as people are doing it.
Went to work last friday for a short trip to put away frozen foods and now tomorrow I will have about 4 hours at work helping to unpack and store the dry goods, set up the kitchen and have a general meeting about what is new this year. I hope I am ready because I have been really slow this year and it hurts to bend much. I suppose though that this is due to too much laziness on my part.
Oh and I also bought the boys a wii! I have been thinking about one since they came out but have never been able to get my hands on one. They are always not in, or gone before I can get there. But anyway went to gamestop to get cedric a birthday game for his PSP player and there they were just sitting behind the counter! I asked the price and because it was not a big bundle pack I got it for 200.00! We got an additional numchuck to go with the machine and I bought a games bundle pack separate so it did overall cost more but anyway I got one! I love it as much as the boys do! I will get more games in the future but for now we are trying the rental scene to see which ones we really like and what would be worth buying.
Will see if I can get a picture up soon of this new baby in our house. I call it the baby because believe me everyone and I mean everyone comes home and likes to get on and play as soon as possible. Even James has done some bowling with me.