Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi All
Well kids have left and are on their way home. Jenny and Eric too have left kodiak and are flying home to seattle. I expect a full report on life once they return.
We had a nice christmas, hectic with the kids but super nice. I always get a bit blue after as it gets so slow after all the rush to get christmas done but at least I have this next week to wind down, go out to eat lunch with my lunch lady friends and a movie and dinner out with James. I guess I am old because I love the quiet and the adult outings. We will try our best to go on a road trip to see Alex and his family this coming summer though. Want to be able to better visualize his home and the kids life as much as I can.
Not going to go out or do anything special for New Years Eve. We usually just sit at home, weather and all is usually not its best and watch some tv or rent a movie. Gaelan likes to sit up and see the ball drop.
I have some work related paperwork to do this coming week and some cleanning up after the holidays. But like I said I think we had a really nice visit. Kids are growing way too fast.
I will post some pictures maybe tomorrow or at least within a few days. Just too tired to mess with it tonight.
Happy Holidays to ALL and Happy New Year 2009.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


HI guys! well behind as usual. I just realized that I had my halloween photos already downloaded and in a folder. So I will post a couple of pictures of Cedric and Gaelan and ryan. We had a great Halloween too! the weather was perfect. A bazillion kids were out and all were of course cute too.
Forgot to take pictures at thanksgiving but that is because I spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking. Can't do much else though with a house full of boys. Rachel though was here and she was a good helper so it did go faster once they came. I have been busy since with wrapping presents for grandkids and married kids. James and Cedric, Gaelan and I all piled into the car with boxes and drove to the UPS store and got them mailed. I was told one week so everyone will have their box by the 12th! WHOO HOO! Now I just need to concentrate on the kids and grandkids that are here. OH NO WAIT! got a call this afternoon and guess who is thinking of driving up to see us? YES you guessed right.....Alex and 3 boxes later they may be bringing the boxes back? Well whatever happens we will be happy to have them for christmas with or without the boxes. WIll have to write santa though and tell him that we will have more.
I will take pictures and it will be super nice to see Samuel too! SO now I am busy brain storming on what I can do while they are here, where we can take the kids to keep them happy. Glow golf? skating? MOVIES? crafts? have to start thinking. Of course we have a full half day out at Rachel's on the 24th and then christmas itself and I did want to go see the new adam sadler movie in the afternoon too. Plus with having the wii I think we can occupy little boys and little girls for a few hours playing something. Well happy holidays everyone!
Here are some pictures of the boys at Halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi, well it has been a rough couple of weeks here for me. Nothing really going on but just work, house and dirt all over. On the lighter side it hailed today while we were at church. The ground was completely covered for a bit. Suppose to of gotten a touch of snow but we got hail instead. After church some of the younger kids picked up the hail that lingered and threw it at each other, the church, and some nearby cars. It is getting cold enough here already that we have had to turn on the heater. Not all day but at night as it has been down to freezing temps. Had to also scrape the windshield a couple of days last week. I love the colors of the trees though this time of the year and the fireplace smells when it does get chilly so a mixed bag of blessings here.
Gaelan is going to go dressed as the johnny pirate. Cedric is going as V. We watched the V movie the other night and he really enoyed it alot but had decided to go as V earlier so the movie was an afterthought. Should be a good halloween this year, cold, kids dressed up and candy bought.

Monday, October 13, 2008

James with His aunt Elaine and cousins

Here are a couple of pictures of James with his Aunt Elaine. She is his mother's sister. The one picture is of Elaine, her daughter Joyce and sons Gary and ?. Sorry but I am not totally sure on the other mans name. James is in the one picture and Gary has his wife with him. Joyces husband is standing behind her.There are also Joyces husbands son and possibly Garys boy in the last picture too. James was not clear in his email who the others were but they are his family. He had a wonderful visit and wishes he could of stayed a bit longer overall, but he is happy that he could go at least. He fly out tomorrow to Sacramento and to visit with Joyce (my stepmother) and his mom and brother Bill and Sister in law Sandy. We will all be ready for him to be home on saturday.

Here are pictures of the USS SHOUP and of my new son-in-law Eric. Jenny is so happy and it so shows. James says that the USS SHOUP is not as long as the Kincaid was but that it is close. From the pictures here it doesn't look anywhere near as big as the Kincaid but maybe the ship is just sitting in the water differently too? They said that Eric's back is in one of the pictures of the guys pulling ropes with the guns but I am not sure which one it is. Jenny got a sailor hat to wear and just glows. They are doing good and out shopping to get a few more things for their apt. I think the TV is big on the list but they have been to Ikea too.
James and Eric and Jenny are planning on a dinner out tonight. Guess the trip is winding down so not sure how many more pictures I will receive but hopefully a few more of the apt (clean) and organized with furniture (please).
James will be on his way down to Sacramento tomorrow to visit with his mom, brother and sister-in-law and Joyce. He is happy to get to see everyone even if it is only for a short period of time.
Just on the side note to Jenny, hope all your plans go wonderfully and the two of you enjoy your new married life. Keep us updated from time to time on things. We love you and I still miss you. Happiness always!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hi, well here are some pictures of Jenny and James going over on the fierry to see James cousin Shelli and his aunt shirley. Aunt shirley had a heartattack recently and coded 3 times so she is currently in a nursing home recovering but all is well at this point so it was a nice visit. The fiery ride over was great I am told but windy. Yesterday later on Jenny got the makings for cookies and muffins so that Eric can have some sweets when he gets in as he loves cookies!
Just a side note (as today is actually sunday while I am writing this) BUT.....THE FLEET IS IN! Just got a call from James and heard the yelling to celebrate the USS SHOUPS arrival home! What a day... James says Jenny is jumping around like Tigger! taking pictures right and left too so we should have a few to share soon. Can't see Eric as he is on the port side but I am sure he will be off the ship as soon as he can. All the new daddy's get to get off first along with other firsts and I guess they have a tradition of picking a winner to get off first for the traditional FIRST KISS!. Not jenny or eric but still something neat and so he will have to wait until after that is over with too. I am sure it is just mins really now after this long wait until joyous hugging and kissing will commence!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Apartment

Well Jenny has her apt and has been out shopping. She has a bed, kitchen table, microwave, mixer, and all the additional things that make a house tick. She will let Eric have the say in a couch and the electronics when it is time. She said she went to walmart and purchased 400.00 worth of nothing! HA...she got all the house stuff like ironing board, tp, papertowels, some pans and stuff so all worth while things but I guess not really that much fun to buy when you have basically had your own money to just buy clothes and fun things for a good 4 months now. But she did get her green tea kettle and her green brita pitcher so she is happy. James has been the dutiful dad and has hauled, and helped put together the place for her. They went to see James aunt Elaine today too and will tonight attend the homecoming party for the ship so that they can meet people and get their passes for the big day on sunday. Seems they can get on the base around 8:30am so that means around a 10am or so arrival of the USS SHOUP. Eric has been able to call her a few times too since he hit Hawaii. This of course is just icing on the cake.
So here are some pictures of her apt. She says she will send some more still and I will continue to update with pictures if I get them and let you know how the newlyweds are doing.
Maggie the cat is hiding under the bed but is slowly getting used to the apt too. It did not smell right (carpet cleanning, and paint) so she shook the first day but is adjusting and once they get a couch I expect she will be there long enough to settle in. But the place seems nice I am told, nice view out the back of the pond so no ugly neighbors to stare at you and they have the parking spot directly out and down from the stairs so not too far to haul groceries from. They have laundry in the apt and a dishwasher, refrig and of course stove. Almost sounds too perfect for a first apt...humm....maybe a nice mouse would make it seem more homey?
Take care little girl and congradulations on your first real apt!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Continuing pictures of the road

Hi, well I have more pictures from jenny! Guess Boompa made a hit at Eric's brothers house with the boys, Of course feeding them sugar always helps. Maggie the cat has done wonderful with the travels too and as you can see has taken over the car. Guess the cat carrier just wasn't working from day one so they let her out and she made herself comfortable wherever she wanted in the car. They have had good weather all the way to Everett, which is where they are now. More pictures to come tomorrow I hope as Jenny said she would post some to me tonight. Got a discount at the last motel too because she was wearing her Navy hoodie.
So the long trip has come to an end. Now it is buying a mattress and getting to walmart to get apt supplies. Making pretty for Eric and with any luck we will have a homecoming party and pictures of the ship and boy to show you soon, well along with an apt and maybe some of the apt complex. I am happy and relieved that they are now in Everett. Still miss Jenny but how happy she sounds on the phone is heartwarming to a mother. Take care my Jenny pooh. Have a happy start.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip continues

Hi, well no pictures as of yet but I was told they would be forth coming soon. James and Jenny are almost to portland and will be driving into Everett tomorrow. They are tired but doing good. The car has been getting 35 miles to a gallon. Not bad for an older escort and a car that was essentially dumped by another ward member here. But with alot of elbow grease and brothers and a daddy that knows cars and some tender loving care from Jenny too it has made the trip.
They spent a nice day in Salt lake with Eric's brother James and his family. James even has a few new grandkids it sounds like. Ruff them up a bit but bought mormon cookies for them before they left. Sounds like a cd of cars will be soon in the mail to the new little ones too. They were able to go to Temple square and get a sound demonstration and tour the new tabernacle too. Went to the bookstore (but no presents)and just had a good down day. I am told though that I did get a present from cracker barrell..humm? Wonder if that means a tasty bit of cheese? Well guess I have a week to find out just what I got.
Can't wait to get the pictures of the apt and a couple of other road pictures too. They have alot planned once they get to Everett too as Jenny has to sign and be offical, find a bed and some house items, go to the homecoming party to get their passes and offical ok to get on base on friday. Then there is the visiting of family that has to be done. Once Eric gets in then they can find a couch and finish up a few minor things that might need two able bodied boys. So please Jenny if you are reading this send pictures! Take more pictures, and don't forget to get some of Eric too as the ship pulls in and he walks off!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More of Jennys Travels

HI all! well Jenny and James made it to Rawlings Wyoming yesterday. Thought that they would stop in Cheyenne but I guess the weather was good and the clock just keeps going backwards so they have more sun and time. The trip has been going good except for one rest stop where Maggie would not go for her walk as the wind was just too much for her. They should be pulling into Salt Lake City today around noon or so and will go for a visit to Temple Square and to see Eric's brother James and Family. Spend the night with them and then tomorrow morning get back on the road up through Idaho and then across either 82 or 84 to go on into eventually Washington state. Only two more motel rooms and Jenny pooh should be sleeping in her first real home!
Well here are some pictures once again of things along the road and one tired girl with her kitty.