Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi All
Well kids have left and are on their way home. Jenny and Eric too have left kodiak and are flying home to seattle. I expect a full report on life once they return.
We had a nice christmas, hectic with the kids but super nice. I always get a bit blue after as it gets so slow after all the rush to get christmas done but at least I have this next week to wind down, go out to eat lunch with my lunch lady friends and a movie and dinner out with James. I guess I am old because I love the quiet and the adult outings. We will try our best to go on a road trip to see Alex and his family this coming summer though. Want to be able to better visualize his home and the kids life as much as I can.
Not going to go out or do anything special for New Years Eve. We usually just sit at home, weather and all is usually not its best and watch some tv or rent a movie. Gaelan likes to sit up and see the ball drop.
I have some work related paperwork to do this coming week and some cleanning up after the holidays. But like I said I think we had a really nice visit. Kids are growing way too fast.
I will post some pictures maybe tomorrow or at least within a few days. Just too tired to mess with it tonight.
Happy Holidays to ALL and Happy New Year 2009.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


HI guys! well behind as usual. I just realized that I had my halloween photos already downloaded and in a folder. So I will post a couple of pictures of Cedric and Gaelan and ryan. We had a great Halloween too! the weather was perfect. A bazillion kids were out and all were of course cute too.
Forgot to take pictures at thanksgiving but that is because I spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking. Can't do much else though with a house full of boys. Rachel though was here and she was a good helper so it did go faster once they came. I have been busy since with wrapping presents for grandkids and married kids. James and Cedric, Gaelan and I all piled into the car with boxes and drove to the UPS store and got them mailed. I was told one week so everyone will have their box by the 12th! WHOO HOO! Now I just need to concentrate on the kids and grandkids that are here. OH NO WAIT! got a call this afternoon and guess who is thinking of driving up to see us? YES you guessed right.....Alex and 3 boxes later they may be bringing the boxes back? Well whatever happens we will be happy to have them for christmas with or without the boxes. WIll have to write santa though and tell him that we will have more.
I will take pictures and it will be super nice to see Samuel too! SO now I am busy brain storming on what I can do while they are here, where we can take the kids to keep them happy. Glow golf? skating? MOVIES? crafts? have to start thinking. Of course we have a full half day out at Rachel's on the 24th and then christmas itself and I did want to go see the new adam sadler movie in the afternoon too. Plus with having the wii I think we can occupy little boys and little girls for a few hours playing something. Well happy holidays everyone!
Here are some pictures of the boys at Halloween.