Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being Busy

Had a very busy saturday. Got up and got two loads of laundry done and on the line (with the help of cedric) picked up kitchen and stripped bed for later laundry. Then checked emails in getting ready for a luncheon out. We went to Bahama Breeze with Ian, Pua, Pua's mom and some friends and their kids. It was a nice luncheon and we got to see everyone finally once again. Then back home to pick up Ryan and take her to walmart for some much needed clothing. I go to walmart because this girl is one growing faster than the speed of light and two because she is a dirt magnet. I prefer clothes that I know will be somewhat cute and yet not ones that I have to be too worried about when the never ending stain returns or she doesn't fit it within a month. She was fine and good while we were looking for her things but the minute we were done she was tired and kept saying "I am bored, when can we go home?" SO you guessed it we had another hour of whinning in the store. Picked up some cards, and a graduation present because I lost the first one I got. Home again, home again jiggidy jig to see that the grad open house was in full swing. Now where did I read that it started at 5? Oh well luckily it was only two house away so I wrapped and signed the card, had some sushi first and then made my way down to the open house. Back home and started spaghetti dinner for the rest of the crew and called Paul (who had called me prior) he really wanted to talk to cedric but he did tell me that he couldn't float and I guess he had learned from his dad or mom that grandma is the world best floater. Well to put it very frank grandma does float just like a ball full of air. Maybe it is because of my fluffiness but I float all too well. Not sure if I can get Paul to float but I did give him some pointers. I can read it now...Rebecca Smith born.....died....floated her way to heaven! ha Heaven knows I can't stay in the under world cause I Float!!
After that I talked with Rachel some, had dinner and watched a new not seen before DR WHO! are they going to show more? OH I HOPE SO!! and they are going to have a torchwood mini series starting on july 20th for 5 whole days! I am geeked to say the least.
Last but no way near least is a bit of information. Caleb signed papers on his home and is now sleeping on an air mattress in the house until the arrival of his stuff on monday! CONGRATULATIONS CALEB! he is super happy. Went out and bought himself a refrigerator yesterday too. Don't forget the thousands of dollars now on getting all those $1.00 items. Broom, cleanning supplies, dust pan etc.. REMEMBER DOLLAR STORE!
Two more days and we will be on the road again too. Looking forward to getting away and doing something different.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Trips! sometimes they are wonderful and well sometimes they are less than. This past week I drove my mom down to see her mom (97) and where I love seeing people the contention there is not enjoyable. One of my aunts was in a hostile mood when we got to the house and continued in that mood for the rest of the time we visited the first day. My mother of course went into panic mode and ended up taking drugs from another sister that she thought would calm her down. Now personally I think a sugar pill would calm her down as I do not think a pill here or a pill there really does much and the type of anti anxiety pills that a person needs should be a daily dose but hey if she thinks a sisters Zoloft will do the job then have at it! I do not think that you should take other peoples drugs as you never know what your outcome. Anyway the next day she took a valium from her other sister and then on the last day they gave her a Xanax (sp) They gave her three more just in case but she never needed them as we were winding down and going home the next day. This on top of Naps! Did I say NAPS? oh my goodness...lets see wake up around 8 go back to bed, wake up around 10 and get up, go to lunch, get to grandmothers take a NAP...sleep from 2pm to 4:30pm then say HEY ready to go home and get to bed? HA Oh well..I do expect it to be the last time I drive her down as her hip hurt her alot from her hip surgery and she is just a nervous wreck. I experienced the chaos this time too so I do know that tempers flare, and nerves get frayed. It is a sad situation. Grandmother feels neglected, not listened too at all and put upon. Poor lady. I do feel for her but I feel for my aunts too as I know all too well what it is like to be the one that has to do for others. Now I do not do anything at all like my one aunt has been doing for 30 some odd years or the other aunt who really bears the brunt of the care when the first aunt is gone...really a few days each week to a week here or there. But I have had my taste. So I know that they too are stressed and feel put upon too I expect. I really wish that things could be different. That people would get along and be helpful. That the house could be clear of clutter for grandmother and that she could have a pleasant last few months, years or whatever in a nice home with loving children around her. OH hands us lemons and she has done well in making what she can of them into lemonaide. I love my grandmother and she cried this time when I left. She said that she would see me in heaven and be there when I came in. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
I will see her in a week or two as we travel that direction again to visit our oldest and his family. I hope that she is still there even though she prays nightly to die.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools OUT!

Schools out, schools out! Teachers let the monkeys went east. one went west...well you know the rest! ha
Yes gaelan and cedric are done. Both did good on grades without any D's this year. Not as good as I had hoped but no failed classes and average or above so I am happy. Gaelan will be in his last year of Middle school already this coming year. Boy does time fly when you are having fun! HA I just hope the next few years are not a struggle to get the work done with him as I sooooooooo want to do my happy dance in 5 years.
Worked on going through papers today, boxes and work stuff. Still have a few more things to do in that dept and need to decide on how I want to have access to my needed papers for next year. The box method with file folders was fine this year but as it got closer and closer to the end the box was just too full and it was hard to get papers out that I needed. I am thinking of the open tray approach and the box for a mixture of the two for next year. I also need to update and customize my temp logs better too I think. Anyway that is something I will think about come mid august. For now I want to sleep in for a few days and just approach work here at home on a more leisurely time schedule.
OH and for those of you out there that do not know....Caleb is engaged and looking at marriage on Dec 29th or 30th. I do not know which. Her name is Kristi DeUnger and he met her in their philosophy class in Las Vegas. A short time in San Antonio made him decide that she is the one and that now is the time. They will marry in Austin, Texas. She has a son, Tyler who is 4 now, 5 on Nov 5th. So instant Daddy too. I am happy as having another grandson is wonderful. We will take pictures and with any luck I too will find a dress or pant suit or something? Any suggestions?
Well trips coming up and at least one dress hunting trip on monday maybe if amandine gets well enough for me to come over.
Red wings on now....MW watching...this means tv occupied! UG! I don't mind but....SO back to dress hunting ideals on the web.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


ONE MORE DAY! yep last day of work is tomorrow! WHOO HOO! I am so ready to be able to lets see.....Sleep in.....Sleep IN....SLEEP IN! ha
Have so much to do around the house but just glad to do something different for awhile.
Trips to Terre Haute and Oklahoma coming up too...then maybe painting in the kitchen, back hall area and front bathroom this summer.
LAUNDRY OH my goodness LAUNDRY! 5 boys still here and boy do they pile up the laundry. Now the do help but with no girls living here but me things get messy fast. OH WELL not like I have not had this issue for years but where or where is my JENNY POOH!
I expect she is at home doing the laundry there too! ha
but anyway Summer has officaly started come 2pm tomorrow afternoon. GOODBYE KITCHEN for 12 weeks!


Ian ready for Prom with Pua