Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonnies vet appt

Well we had a vet appt today or so I thought we would. Gaelan went out and picked up Bonnie from the front walkway and brought her in and we gathered everyone else up. Well he wouldn't go out and look in the garage for the cat carrier and being Gaelan just wanted to argue so I said fine just hold her then. So in the car we went. Cedric was going to drive. Gaelan let the cat down, Cedric had his door open, OUT WENT THE CAT!@ now she didn't just get out of the car and go back to the walkway she RAN OFF! Gaelan went after, Cedric went after. She laid down on the driveway of the mean Korean next door but as soon as either one of them came near she shot off again into his back yard. Tried to come over his fence on the other side but saw Gaelan and took off again. SOOOOOOOOOO had to cancel the vet appt. When we came home from our other errands there is still no Bonnie. Not sure if she will resurface but if she doesn't then it will be her loss. Silly cat. She knew we were taking her somewhere.

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Jenny Long said...

my bonnie!!! well, she was supossed to be yours cuz we only got her cuz she was a calico but she hasn't taken to anyone. Gotta say, smart cat, dumb boys.