Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it just me or what?

Ok, I have been looking at other people's blogs other people's facebook pictures, my space pictures just whatever I happen to see from my friends sites and well they all look like normal people. Now maybe you think this is a funny comment but it just seems that they all look right, as in their heads are the right shape, clothes look good, their expressions are normal etc...still a funny comment you think? well.....when I look at any pictures I am in I look like something the cat drugged in from outer space or something. My head is at an odd angle, I have what 32 chins it seems all the time and, my face says stupid lives here. OH I could just go on and on. I realized quite a few years back that I never felt like I had the right to feel anything. That other people did but for some reason I did not get that right too. Well I have been correcting my feelings over time (and it is a hard thing to do) and I have been trying hard but still have this hard issue with pictures. I know I am fluffy but I want to look like I at least have a few brain cells up there when it comes to smile time. I do have a couple pictures I have found I like but mostly they all come across as alien living here. Oh know I have even tried posing in front of a mirror to know how my face goes so I can feel the good smile or intelligent look. BUT as of yet it isn't working. Rachel looks good, Jenny looks good and even Caleb has his style down already. Any suggestions?


Jenny Long said...

remember you are your own worst critic, I thought you looked very pretty at CAleb's wedding, and I've taken some very pretty pictures of you. You are mommy and look just right!

Rebecca said...

Aww! thanks and yes you are right with the critic part.