Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HI all, well it has been awhile again but that is how it goes. School has started so back to work (but it was welcomed) and back to the routine. I think I might try to do a family christmas letter this year but still contemplating on that. I will be posting some back dated pictures in a few days and I have a couple of thimble pictures for eric too.
I can't say at this point that this year has been better than the last couple but a couple of very good things have happened. One Caleb's marriage to Kristi was super nice and got us not one but two trips across country and Second I got to meet my Jenny's husband too! Both super great things. On the down side Ian had to have knee surgery, and James had to have hand surgery and things keep breaking and kids keep griping. But such is life. I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday season though and do you wonder why? Well for the first time ever (I think?) I am 95% done with christmas shopping and it is only the 1st day of DEC! WHOO HOO!...I do have a few small things like stocking candies to get and I have to wrap and send 3 packages but the shopping part is practically done. I say this because I can't buy James a single thing until the last week because he seems to sniff out what you get and will go out and buy it the day after you do! BOO HOO! so I wait.
I hope all of you had a nice thanksgiving. One of these years I am going to get to watch the parade and do things like the other people living here and not be stuck in the kitchen too for most of the day. YEAH right like that will really happen. Maybe in another 10 years James and I can make reservations and go out to eat like my sister did this year.
It's late here and morning comes too early most days so too ta loo for now. PICTURES NEXT I PROMISE!

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